Special Treatments & Perms

Special Treatments & Perms

Not only do our stylists excel in hair colour, cutting and makeup, but we also offer customized smoothing and protein rich conditioning treatments based on the needs of the client. Many of our stylists are skilled in performing Brazilian Blowout (Formaldehyde free) smoothing treatments as well as Perms for all types of hair.  We are also proud to offer Cinderella Hair extension applications.


Special Treatments

Stylist* Senior*



Extensions    Prices vary.  Ask for consultation & quote
Brazilian Blowouts    Prices start at $211                                      $140+
Treatments $33+ $38+ $44+ $23+


Full $111+ $117 $125+ $75+
Partial $100+ $106+ $114+ $60+
Long Hair/Spiral $143+ $159+ $174+ $85+
  • * Prices show the starting point for each level of Stylist. Prices may vary depending on Stylist and length of hair.


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